Mercato San Severino, Italy 

Coppola Foods is excited to announce our Fontana Formiello Couscous won New Product Winner at Kosherfest 2017.

Until June 2023, Kosherfest was a major annual event for the kosher food industry. Held in New Jersey, it brought together businesses dealing in kosher-certified products and services. Manufacturers showcased their latest innovations, while educational sessions and cooking demonstrations provided valuable insights and inspiration. This B2B trade show fostered connections and growth within the kosher food market.

"We're delighted to be the winner of Kosherfest 2017 at New product category for our Couscous " said Ernesto Coppola, CEO of Coppola Foods. "This award reflects our team's devotion to using the finest ingredients and creating products that elevate any dish."

Made in Italy from rolled, steamed, dried and sieved durum wheat, this medium grain couscous is the perfect canvas for bold spices, herbs and roasted veggies. Couscous is also an excellent accompaniment to chicken and lamb dishes, as well as making a great alternative to rice, pasta or potatoes. Couscous originates from North Africa and it is a staple ingredient in many Mediterranean countries. In Italy it is a traditional dish in the province of Trapani, Sicily, where it is served with fish soup.

Made in Italy from rolled, steamed, dried and sieved durum wheat, this medium grain couscous can be processed into a variety of dishes and combines harmoniously with a variety of spices, herbs, and roasted veggies, or chicken and lamb.



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