“The truth is that too often, it’s nearly impossible to get the most basic facts about the food we buy for our families”, Michelle Obama

Food labelling is the portal through which consumers make conscious food choices. Labels are often confusing and sometimes incorrect, however, making it difficult for you to get the best.

At Coppola Foods we aim for good mealtime decisions without the need of a microscope or a degree in nutrition.

Our labels are filled with clear and correct nutrition, ingredient, and best-use information, to make sure you get the most from your meal. 

sustainability-good-health By marketing products with clear labelling we are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 (good health and well-being)

clear label tomato school



There are more than 10,000 varieties of tomato worldwide. They are cooked and consumed differently; according to the type of tomato and local culinary traditions.

We aim to help consumers understand these differences so they can choose the best tomato product for their cooking needs and have a premium experience. Thus, we introduce the Tomato School; a proprietary and IP protected classification scheme grading each tomato product in relation to a specific cooking technique or recipe.

The Tomato School is adapted to each product, country and local recipes, and is available on the label of each Coppola tomato product.

Our aim is for consumers to have the confidence to purchase the right tomato product for a better cooking result each time!


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Our range of tomato products have subtle variations; in the tomato types, and how they are peeled, chopped, strained and processed.

To help our customers quickly understand our products and choose the correct ones for their cooking needs, we have put distinguishing text on each of our tomato containers, like, for example, Rich & Classic to identify peeled plum tomatoes, Quick & Versatile for chopped tomatoes, Fine & Easy for finely chopped tomatoes and Smooth & Rich for passata.

Thus, our customers do not need to be tomato experts to be able to use our products like experts.

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clear label olive tips table



We offer a variety of green and black olives that can be bought whole, pitted or sliced. Each olive product has versatile textures and flavours.

Because of the variations, customers can get confused about which type is better for a cocktails or tapas, pasta or pizza.

We have created a quick and easy system to indicate the dishes that our olives are suitable for. We call this the Olive Tips table, and it helps our customers not feel lost when it comes to choosing what olive products are suitable for.



clear label informative packaging



We always want to make sure that our products are easily understood by people who are not Italian and who are not familiar with the Italian culinary traditions or culture.

We have achieved this in our Fontana FORMIELLO range of authentic Italian products, by clearly indicating the use of the product in the name, the provenance of the product, and the history of the product within Italian culinary traditions.

Additionally, we make sure to transfer as much information as we can regarding how to cook our products, including special tips and tricks in order to empower our consumers to get the best use and flavours out of the product.

By focusing on origin, how to cook, and specific tips and tricks, we pass on everything that we know about the product onto our customers and empower them to be better cooks and users.

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