Coppola Industria Alimentare Srl (“Coppola Foods”) is recognised as one of the oldest companies in Italy, receiving the title of Azienda Storica d’Italia (Historical Company of Italy) from the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno.

Coppola Foods is also one of the few companies from Salerno registered into the Registro Imprese Storiche d’Italia (Registry of Historic Companies of Italy, or “Registry”). This Registry is dedicated to companies that have been continuously in business for more than 100 years and is run by Unioncamere, the association of Italian Chambers of Commerce.

For the last 117 years, since 1903 when Gerardo Coppola started a food trading and serving business in Fontana Formiello in Mercato San Severino, Salerno, our family has been passionate about food. Over the course of a century, the family activity has always been focused on the food sector, it has developed into the production of canned tomatoes, and it is today present in many foreign markets with a comprehensive range of high quality food products. Over the years, Coppola Foods has developed a direct presence abroad with its own commercial offices and with the distribution of its products to over 40 countries.

“As a fourth generation family business, we are very proud to bring forward the entrepreneurial legacy started by Gerardo Coppola in 1903 in Mercato San Severino, Salerno,” said Ernesto Coppola, fourth generation food entrepreneur. “For me and for my family, this is an important milestone in recognition of the continued commitment we have had to the food sector and to our province.



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About Coppola Foods

Coppola Foods is an innovative food company committed to making good food better.

We offer a comprehensive range of premium quality, tasty, nutritious and sustainable food products together with an excellent level of service and attentive solutions to fulfil the needs of customers and markets.

Our range of authentic Italian food products are cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet. This includes tomatoes, legumes, vegetable products, sauces, condiments and grain products.

We are a fourth-generation family business with a long heritage in the production and marketing of food products, dating back to 1903 in Salerno, in Southern Italy.