Italian tomatoes from the sunny South of Italy, real healthy ingredients, and long food family traditions are at the heart of Coppola products, including its new vegan POWERSÛP range of ready-made soups, no sugar added tomato sauces and organic no sugar added ketchup.

Coppola POWERSÛPs are unique vegetable recipes, boosted by powers ingredients, such as ginger, turmeric, sesame, chilli and basil. Bright colours and purpose make the choice very easy: Take a Break! with delicate pumpkin & turmeric; get energy with Up & Go! spicy beetroot & chilli; or, simply Shine & Glow! with tomato & basil.

Coppola soups are made from 100% natural high quality ingredients, with no added sugar or sweeteners, providing 3 or 4 of your 5 a day. They have a beautiful creamy texture and are ideal for quick and easy meal.

Gluten free certified Coppola Tomato Sauces are made from rich Italian tomato pulp and high-quality fresh ingredients, and most importantly have no added sugar, sweeteners flavourings, thickeners nor colourings. The result is deliciuos, full of freshness, sauce, perfect for a quick pasta!

Traditional Italian recipes of Classico, Puttanesca and Siciliana were awarded one-star at GTA 2018.

Newest entry of Coppola No Sugar Added Organic Tomato Ketchup is made from red and fully ripe 100% Italian organic tomatoes with organic apple juice to naturally sweeten it, instead of corn syrup, cane sugar or artificial sweeteners widely used in standard products.


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About Coppola Foods

Coppola Foods is an innovative food company committed to making good food better.

We offer a comprehensive range of premium quality, tasty, nutritious and sustainable food products together with an excellent level of service and attentive solutions to fulfil the needs of customers and markets.

Our range of authentic Italian food products are cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet. This includes tomatoes, legumes, vegetable products, sauces, condiments and grain products.

We are a fourth-generation family business with a long heritage in the production and marketing of food products, dating back to 1903 in Salerno, in Southern Italy.