We are very excited to share with you the fantastic news we've received from Norway.

Coppola chopped tomatoes were rated as top canned tomato available in Norway by the food experts from Matkontrollen, a food tasting TV programme on TV2 Sumo last week.

The competition was extremely serious and included 8 choices, from well known brands in the tomato sector to the supermarket private labels. The video [in Norwegian] can be seen below. The two judges notably saying that Coppola tomatoes do "taste like tomatoes".

We launched our Coppola tomato line in Norway at the beginning of this year and are very proud to achieve such recognition at such early stage!


Watch the video


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About Coppola Foods

Coppola Foods is an Italian food family business, with a long tradition of  and distributing quality food products.

Our heritage dates back to 1903 when the Coppola family started serving and trading food in Mercato San Severino, Salerno, Italy. In 1952, Ernesto Coppola began canning and selling for the export markets the ripe and flavourful San Marzano tomatoes grown in the area.

Today, as the fourth generation of the Coppola family, we continue to be passionate about food and deliver authentic Italian staples that are the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet.

All our products are produced in Italy, using only all-natural and high-quality ingredients.